Next Land Rover Defender makes US debut

The British-based car maker will unveil its two Land Rover Defender concepts, called the DC100 and DC100 Sport, at the Los Angeles Auto Show in order to gauge reaction to the models.

John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director said: “Our intention is to introduce the all new Defender in the middle of the decade – there’s a lot of work to do to meet these dates and our concepts are just the start of the journey.

“We are here in LA to showcase our DC100 and DC100 Sport concepts and start to actively explore the possibility of bringing the future Defender to North America.”

While the DC100 is closer to the traditional Defender shape, the DC100 Sport concept is a convertible version of the car and could conceivably be offered as a sporty beach-based off-roader for the US market.

The new Defender concept cars are not the finished product. Land Rover says they are the first steps to creating a replacement for Land Rover’s most iconic model.

Edwards added: “The Defender has always been at the heart of the Land Rover Brand and single-handedly defines our go-anywhere, can-do spirit. Our ambition is to create an all new Defender for a global market that remains absolutely faithfully to its original DNA: tough, versatile, durable and capable.”

The current Land Rover Defender is priced from £21,000 in the UK and comes in four-wheel drive only.

The Defender is fitted with Land Rover’s famous All-Terrain system, which improves traction and control on off-road terrain.

The Defender is the most stripped back and practical model in the Land Rover range. At the other end of the scale, Land Rover also produces a luxury sub-brand, Range Rover, which includes the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and the new Range Rover Evoque.