Who are the worst back seat drivers, men or women?

We have all been there in the driver’s seat when there’s someone else in the car that is a little, let’s say ‘cynical’ about the way you drive.

This is a very common occurrence between friends, relatives and a lot of the time, married couples. But who is the worst for it, men or women?

According to the AA men lead the way in terms of back seat driving with 58 per cent of woman saying that they are hassled about their driving skills by male family members.

However, that’s not to say women are all peaches and cream when it comes to being a chatty passenger with driving advice. Half of all men said that they were accustomed to a bit of ‘friendly advice’ from their female passengers.

But why does this happen?

One third of motorist in the UK who have been a back seat driver have said that they complain because the driver doesn’t pay attention to what is going on around them.

A surprising 44 per cent of back seat drivers said that people braking late really gets on their nerves and about 40 per cent of back seat drivers said that when a driver speeds or tailgates a car in front also gets under their skin.

But on a more serious note a survey has revealed that criticism to your driver can cause accidents with one in seven motorists being involved in a road accident or a near miss because of their passengers distracted them.

So think twice before expressing your opinion to your driver. It can put you and your driver in danger, plus it may make them a bit upset and ruin a relationship.

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