New electric Renault Fluence warranty revealed

Much has been made of the new all-electric saloon and how the warranty will work, particularly in terms of the expensive battery pack.

Renault has revealed it will offer a separate five-year warranty (up to 62,000 miles) for the electric powertrain, which covers everything from the battery to the electric motor which drives the car’s wheels.

Other aspects of the car will be covered by a standard two year warranty with unlimited mileage or a three year warranty with a 62,000-mile limit, depending on the plan chosen.

The warranty will include breakdown cover for normal breakdowns or flat batteries, including towing costs and a temporary replacement vehicle.

The warranty can also be tailored to a customer’s needs with some extra options and comes with a ‘Renault service plan’ to ensure the car is kept in working order.

The Renault Fluence Z.E. is a breakthrough car for the French manufacturer. It is the first all-electric car it will sell in the UK and comes with four doors and saloon-like space and practicality.

Priced from just £17,000 after the £5,000 government grant, the Renault Fluence is also one of the more affordable electric cars and the first sold in the UK to fall under the £20,000 mark.

Renault says it will cost just £3 to charge the Fluence for a 115-mile range, although this will vary depending on the cost of electricity.

The Renault Fluence can be charged from home via a standard plug socket or from a fast charging station. Renault will offer customers a home charging station for an additional cost when the car goes on sale in the UK early in 2012 in Renault dealerships.