Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 exempt from BIK diesel charge

Citroen drivers will be happy to hear HMRC has confirmed the DS5 Hybrid4 model is exempt from 3 per cent BIK extra charge.

This is because it can only be applied to a vehicle that runs solely on diesel. However, the Citroen DS5 runs on a diesel and an electric motor. As a result, the DS5 Hybrid4 has total CO2 emissions of just 99g/km.

This means that the DS5 Hybrid 4 will be more affordable, which is good news for those who are planning to buy one.

Andy Wady, Citroen UK’s fleet director, said: “This is fantastic news as we gear up for the launch of DS5 early next year. It’s also great news for many company car drivers already attracted to DS5 and the Hybrid4 powertrain with its impressive fuel economy, low CO2 emissions, free VED, no London Congestion Charge and now a BIK taxation rate at just 10%.

“Hybrid4 represents a significant environmental advance that helps us build on our commitment to drive down CO2 emissions.”

The DS5 Hybrid4 is especially suited for the likes of people who have a business orientated life because of its low running costs, sporty steering wheel, executive feel and high quality upholstery, which give the car’s interior a cockpit-like feel.

Citroen vehicles are available from Perry’s Barnsley, HuddersfieldandMilton Keynesdealerships. The Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 is out in 2012.