The best (and worst) of Citroen’s Creative Awards entries

A satellite navigation system designed to tell a (female) passenger where the latest sales are, an external camera to take photographs of the scenery and a system which allows you to feed your pets at home from inside the car are just some of the wacky ideas put forward in the latest Citroen competition.

Citroen cars have been credited with being ‘alive with technology’ in previous adverts (who can forget the dancing robot?) and the French brand has now taken it a step further with a competition asking Citroen drivers to design the next generation of in-car technology.

The Citroen Creative Awards has asked for submissions from people on how the DS Line of cars can be improved in future.

The public can then vote on the best ideas – with the winner receiving a 3,000 Euro prize and a visit to the Citroen virtual reality centre.

Cars such as the Citroen DS3 supermini, the Citroen DS4 premium hatchback and the executive Citroen DS5, with its clever diesel-hybrid setup, are already generously equipped with equipment.

However, some of the ideas put forward in the competition are genuinely interesting. Others are slightly less likely to ever make it into production. Here’s our pick of some of the most eye-catching.


This technology is bordering on being sexist at worst and fairly useless at best. The Augnavilover technology is a satellite navigation for the passenger or, as the blurb explains, the ‘woman you love’.

The technology picks out nearby sales, new fashion (‘everything she likes!’) and other points of interest and puts the information onto the screen.

The signoff reads: “Yes, the future Citroen might increase your spending, but also her love to you.”

Junior Driver

This is a clever way of encouraging children to learn how to drive by learning from the actual driver of the car.

It works by employing two cameras in the front of the car to create a 3D image of what the driver sees.

The child can use a game-like steering wheel in the back to learn to drive exactly like his or her parent in the front, gaining points for avoiding obstacles in what is close to a real world situation.

Of course, this all depends on the parent driving correctly in the first place…


This is interesting because similar technology is already being developed by many car makers. Electric car makers are designing systems to control air con from a smartphone (for example, Renault is developing the technology for its forthcoming Kangoo electric van) and it stands to reason they will begin to look at other connectivity technology.

CI DO says it will allow a driver to turn radiators on in the home, feed pets, turn lights on and off and even water plants – all via the car’s system.

This will help those stuck in traffic jams or simply those who want to return to a warm house after a long journey.

Personal Drive-In Movie Theatre

A personal drive-in movie theatre is exactly how it sounds. The head-up display will play a film and a projector will then beam that onto a surface in front of the car in a ‘customized wide screen cinema experience’.

All you need is a bit of space, a white wall and some popcorn.

You can see a list of submissions here.