Land Rover’s 8th anniversary of China research

Land Rover Defender 4x4s battled snow storms and some of the most inhospitable terrain to reach the source of the Salween River in aid of scientific research.

Land Rover is celebrating its 8th anniversary with the China Exploration & Research Society (CERS).

Wong How Man, Founder of CERS and world-renowned explorer said: “CERS takes on multiple expeditions and projects throughout the year with a large, diverse team from around the world.

“For our explorers and scientists, Land Rover not only provides a means of transportation through some of the most difficult and inhospitable terrains on this planet, but also act as an essential shelter in the world’s most extreme weather conditions along the way.”

Land Rover SUVs are famous for their off-road ability and are used across the world as army vehicles, mountain rescue vehicles and for off-road exploration.

Especially renowned for its off road ‘toughness’ the Land Rover Defender is an all terrain 4×4 and one of the most practical and robust cars on sale today.

Starting from £20,185, the Land Rover Defender is based on the original Land Rover car and has barely changed in over 56 years.

However, a new model is set to replace the current generation in 2015 and Land Rover is currently designed a number of concept cars to test out new ideas and technology.

Land Rover’s other off-road vehicles include its best-selling UK SUV, the new Freelander 2, and the larger Land Rover Discovery 4.

Land Rover will be celebrating its 8th anniversary with CERS with the ‘Land Rover in Action Exhibition’ week taking place from the 14th – 18th November 2011.

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