Vauxhall winter tyres start from £50

The car manufacturer is also offering a full set of Vauxhall winter tyres and fitting from just £182 at its UK-wide range of Vauxhall Masterfit centres.

Winter tyres are designed to prevent skidding on snow or ice, something Vauxhall says accounts for almost half of all winter collisions.

Snow, ice, rain and even low temperatures will increase the stopping distance of a car and could cause less grip and traction in corners.

Normal summer tyres tend to harden in temperatures below seven degrees Celsius, leading to a loss of grip.

Winter tyres are made from a compound designed to stay softer in colder weather to increase traction and reduce stopping distances.

Vauxhall MasterFit Marketing Manager, Belinda Craik said: “Winter tyres offer improved grip and stability in cold weather conditions, particularly on ice and snow.

She also praised insurance companies for not raising rates if winter tyres are fitted because they are actually safer than summer tyres.

“They are an important safety feature and we are glad to see insurance companies taking a sensible perspective on their fitment. Vauxhall MasterFit is offering motorists a wide variety of these tyres to suit a wide range of vehicles at great value.”

Vauxhall offers a range of winter tyres for its entire car range, including winter tyres for Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Insignia cars.

The brand also offers Vauxhall snow socks, a cheap alternative to winter tyres. Snow socks are a fabric cover which can be carried in the car and quickly fitted over the tyre in the event the driver is caught in ice or snow.

Designed to be driven at low speeds and for short distances, snow socks can improve grip in winter weather from just £50.