Mazda6 enters ‘most reliable’ top ten

Based on responses from companies who boast over 1.2 million fleet vehicles in the UK, the Mazda6 was named as the ninth most reliable car in the Fleet News FN50 survey, one of only four non-German cars to appear in the list.

The four-door Mazda6 saloon is a popular choice with business and the latest survey highlights its reliability matches its style, equipment levels and low running costs.

The appearance in the top ten most reliable cars in the UK was particularly impressive, says Fleet News, because of the high quality of cars currently on sale today.

Fleet News editor, Stephen Briers, added: “As the quality of vehicles continually improves, competition becomes increasingly tough to single out the best performers.”

Earlier this year Mazda launched a model aimed specifically as a Mazda contract hire or Mazda Personal Contract Hire vehicle.

The Mazda6 Business Line, on sale for £18,300 on the road, comes with a specialist set of equipment including Bluetooth, climate control and satellite navigation to appeal top business users.

The new Mazda6 Business Line also comes with some new cosmetic touches such as 17″ alloy wheels and free metallic paint in silver, blue or black.

It also comes with an efficient 2.2-litre diesel engine which offers an impressive 54.3mpg and CO2 emissions of just 133g/km.

The low emissions mean the Mazda6 moves into a lower band of Benefit in Kind tax for business users than previous models, while the mpg (miles per gallon) figure relates to how efficient the car is at using fuel.