No VAT offer for Mazda6 saloon

The saloon, a favourite as a business car in the UK, is being offered as part of a ‘Pay no VAT’ deal, which reduces the price by as much as £4,000.

The new offer will apply to a selection of Mazda6 models, and Peter Allibon, Sales Director of Mazda UK says local Mazda dealers will be releasing details of the offer ‘soon’.

However, he did confirm it would be available on a selection of diesel Mazda6 saloons and this will benefit new buyers and those who want to trade in an older model for a new one.

He said: “It will also reward existing Mazda owners, as many of them will be able to benefit from ‘zero cost to change’ when trading in their current cars for a brand new Mazda6.”

The Mazda6 is an executive-styled saloon aimed at business users in the UK. Its popularity led to Mazda designing a special ‘Business Line’ Mazda6 specifically for business and fleet buyers.

The Mazda6 Business Line comes with a 2.2-litre diesel delivering 54.3mpg and an impressively low 133g/km of CO2 emissions – the figure Benefit in Kind tax is based on.

The Business Line model comes with business user-focused equipment such as a satellite navigation system, cruise control, climate control and integrated Bluetooth for a price of £18,300.

“The Mazda6 delivers a dynamic and engaging drive, with strongly performing 129, 163 or 185ps diesel engines, best-in-class CO2 emissions and an ownership experience which is underpinned by reduced costs and Mazda’s outstanding build quality and reliability,” adds Allibon.

The new Mazda6 ‘Pay no VAT’ offer is available on selected Mazda6 models from now until March 2012.