Free Vauxhall snow socks with a winter service

From 1st October to the 29th February 2012 Vauxhall MasterFit is offering winter servicing for £129. This deal also comes with free winter AutoSock Snow Socks valued at £49.95 for vehicles over 36 months old.

Vauxhall’s services are official checks and as a result use genuine Vauxhall parts. It also offers things like oil changes and an array of reliability and condition checks which include tyre pressure, brakes, suspension, glass, wheel bearings, seat belts and many more.

Belinda Craik, service manager for Vauxhall said: “The £129 Winter Service with free AutoSock Snow Socks underlines our commitment to providing our customers with outstanding value from the Vauxhall MasterFit service and repair network – as well as keeping them safe on the roads this winter.”

The free Snow Socks that come with the servicing offer are a winter tyre alternative and an alternative to bulky and awkward snow chains. The winter socks simply slip over your tyres and help the grip of the car in snowy and icy conditions by creating friction and as a result, extra grip.

For more information on Vauxhall’s winter socks take a look at our Vauxhall winter snow socks news article or our blog on winter tyre availability in the UK.

Craik added: “Vauxhall MasterFit continues to support its customers in maintaining their Vauxhall to the highest standard at a competitive price.”

Vauxhall winter servicing will be available on all Vauxhall cars which include the Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Insignia. Vauxhall winter servicing starts from just £129 and is available until 29th February 2012.