Fiat 500 teams up with Jennifer Lopez

The small city car will appear in the video of the new ‘Papi’ track taken from Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Love?’ album and in return, the song will be used in a television advert for the car.

The link up is designed to showcase the new Fiat 500 in the US, where the retro-styled city car is making its debut in Fiat’s line up.

The Fiat 500, voted the world’s sexiest car by BBC’s Top Gear, has been on sale in the UK for four years and its popularity remains high.

Designed as a customisable, stylish and more premium offering in the city car segment, the Fiat 500 comes in both city car and convertible body styles as well as a number of special editions including a ‘Pink’ version and special editions designed by fashion brands such as Gucci and Diesel.

By teaming up with Jennifer Lopez, Fiat hopes the car’s stylish charm will ensure sales success across the Atlantic.

A statement from the Italian manufacturer said: “Whether in London, Tokyo, Rome or New York, the Fiat model is the norm around the world. Just like Jennifer Lopez, one of the most influential celebrities of the world of show business and the undisputed queen of pop and Latin American R&B music.”

The Fiat 500 is currently on sale in the UK from £9,900 and comes with a choice of diesel or petrol engines both of which come in sub-100g/km variations. As a result, these versions are exempt from road tax in the UK and the London congestion charge.