Mazda’s servicing adds value to your car

According to ICM Research, cars with full service histories are easier to sell and a full service history can increase a car’s value by up to 26 per cent. For a used Mazda, this could add up to £1,500 to the price of a car when it comes to trading it in or selling it.

Mazda was the very first car company to have a fully operational digital service record (DSR) across the range, which adds more value to its cars. This includes popular models like the Mazda2 and Mazda MX-5.

David Wilson-Green, aftersales director at Mazda UK said: “DSR replaces the traditional service record book which sits in the glovebox for 364 days of the year, emerging once every 12 months to be stamped when the car has its annual service.”

The research shows 34 per cent of car buyers would not buy a car if it did not have a full service history. Also, 68 per cent of buyers value cars greater if they have had a full service history from a franchised dealer.

Buying from a franchised dealer gives owners the reassurance that the cars parts are genuine, says ICM research.

Wilson-Green added: “Service histories can be falsified; but with an electronic service record it is very difficult to be fraudulent.

“DSR is much more secure than the traditional paper service record.”

Other benefits of DSR are that it securely logs a vehicles mileage, for possible future reference. The service includes monthly reminders in the post about the importance of vehicle servicing.