Kia promises hydrogen car for 2015

However, the popular South Korean manufacturer has not revealed what a potential hydrogen-powered car would be.

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are seen by many as the ultimate green solution because the cars would emit zero emissions – the only by-product of using hydrogen is water – and can be refuelled quickly.

They will also have a much longer range than electric vehicles, but the technology is still a long way off in the UK.

There is currently only one charging point for hydrogen cars in the UK because of the cost of producing and storing hydrogen.

However, Kia said: “The car that is regarded as a panacea for a zero-emissions future – one that can make its own electricity on the move, cover long distances between refuelling and emit no CO2 – is coming.”

Kia says a potential hydrogen car could be based on a ‘large SUV’ and will be capable of travelling more than 500 miles on a single tank of hydrogen – the equivalent of 54mpg.

The car maker has already demonstrated the technology on the Kia Sportage, the stylish compact crossover SUV currently on sale in the UK with more traditional petrol and diesel engines.

Kia has set a date of 2015 for a hydrogen car launch in the UK, but promises to continue to develop electric and hybrid vehicles alongside the hydrogen model.