Ford ahead of the pack in technology

Ford is ahead of the pack when it comes to technology nowadays with plenty of new features that separate it from the rest.

These new developments will prove to give Ford models such as the Focus and the Fiesta a boost when it comes to competition in the hatchback and supermini segments of the market respectively.

Below are some of its new fancy features:

Ford MyKey

This technology allows parents to feel a little safer when it comes to letting their children out on the road.

With the new ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature parents can block incoming phone calls and text messages from other phones so that their children can concentrate better on the road ahead.

The MyKey also allows the cars top speed to be limited to 80mph to stop any excess use of the cars capabilities. The cars audio volume can also be limited.

The MyKey will become available from next year on the Ford Fiesta and is expected to be expanded to other models like the Ford Focus .


The Ford SYNC technology allows drivers to use their phone, sat nav, and browse their music library without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

With powerful wireless technology the SYNC allows drivers to transfer messages between vehicles and the road infrastructure.

It also has safety features such as an electric brake light system that warns other vehicles of potential braking procedures, and any potentially dangerous obstacles in the road.

A traffic sign assist system is also offered with the SYNC which gives up-to-date information on things like road works and blockages.

The Ford SYNC technology is available now for all new Ford Focus models.

Ford headlight technology

With new headlight technology Ford drivers are given the option of ultra-bright bi-xenon high intensity discharge headlamps on certain models, while highly efficient, lower energy use LED technology makes Ford vehicles even easier to spot for both other motorists and pedestrians.

Many of the functions of the technology are ideal in winter months when visibility is poor. These include turning sensitive headlights which adapt when the steering wheel is turned, automatic light activation when it starts getting dark and automatic high beam control so that you don’t disturb oncoming cars with your headlights.

The headlights also have a setting called ‘follow me home’ which is a function that keeps the headlights on for a few moments after turning the engine off so that you can safely see where you’re going when walking to your front door.

The new headlight technology is in the Ford pipeline.