Mazda6 saloon replacement revealed

The new model, the Mazda Takeri, will be a ‘next generation’ mid-sized saloon that will be showing off Mazda’s new Kodo-soul of motion design concept.

This new concept car hints at the possibility that it will be replacing the Mazda6 model, an executive saloon option in the Mazda range.

Featuring a highly stylised design, with flowing lines curving over the headlamps and down the flanks, the Mazda Takeri is designed to look both executive with a nod to sport saloons.

It could replace the Mazda6 as early as 2013, according to Mazda, which is currently updating much of its range with greener technology.

Mazda says that its theme for the Tokyo Motor Show will be ‘environmental technology’ and adds it will be ‘pushing the boundaries of the Emotion of Motion’, meaning they will continue to develop new environmentally friendly technology.

The Takeri has many new technological advances such as Skyactiv technology and Mazda’s first regenerative braking system. This braking system converts kinetic energy to electricity during deceleration and this energy is stored in capacitors and then used to fuel the cars electrical equipment. This reduces load on the engine and saves fuel.

Combined with the Skyactiv-D diesel engine, the lightweight structure and other technological features the Takeri delivers good fuel economy as well as maintaining a ‘stylish finish’.

Mazda will also be contributing to the ‘Smart Mobility City 2011’exhibition (organised by the SMC 2011 executive committee and the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association).

Other new technology and a full line-up of production models will also be on show.

The Mazda6 starts from £17,805 on the road.