Vauxhall introduces new winter safety checks

Vauxhall will offer a safety check for £35, including £20 worth of equipment to help drivers defrost their car in the mornings.

The check includes de-icer, screenwash, an ice scraper and a microfibre cloth as part of the package, which also includes top ups of fluid and tyre inflation to ensure pressure is at the correct level.

This, says Vauxhall, will ensure the car is easier to control in slippery conditions and reduce the chances of accidents taking place.

The check also includes a look at the key mechanical parts of the car to ensure there are no safety issues and that the car is in ideal condition for winter driving.

“The Vauxhall MasterFit Winter Safety Check offers Vauxhall owners outstanding value and peace of mind that their vehicle is ready to face the winter months,” said Belinda Craik, Vauxhall Service Channel manager.

Vauxhall is already offering Vauxhall car owners the chance to buy officially-approved winter tyres for all cars ranging from the Vauxhall Corsa supermini to the new, seven-seat Vauxhall Zafira Tourer.

It also stocks a range of snow socks for its entire range, with prices starting from £50 for the fabric temporary covers, which can be stored in the car in the event of unexpected snow or ice.

However, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has warned Vauxhall drivers preparing your car for winter is only the beginning.

It advises planning journeys ahead when the weather is bad and only travelling when absolutely necessary.

It also recommends taking an emergency kit with you whenever driving in ‘severe’ conditions and driving slower and more carefully.

Peter Rodger, Chief Examiner and Head of Driving Standards, said: “Remember, the speed that you can stop from in a bus length on a dry warm day can take the whole length of a football pitch on ice.”