Citroen launches winter tyre programme

This programme will allow Citroen customers to exchange their cars summer tyres for more suitable winter tyres to help improve their cars handling and braking on icy roads.

Citroen also offer storage of summer tyres in its own ‘tyre hotel’. Alongside this, Citroen will include a free vehicle check as part of the Citroen winter tyre programme. Customers are advised to have winter tyres fitted in October/November and summer tyres put back on during March/April.

The winter tyres themselves have specific cold weather treads which can enhance handling and traction on the road with conditions like snow, rain, ice and slush.

This, says Citroen, is because winter tyres are made of a different rubber compound which does not harden in temperatures below seven degrees Celsius in the same way summer tyres do.

The tyres also offer deeper tread for wet, icy or loose surfaces. Deeper tread depth means the car has less chance of aquaplaning on wet surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents.

Linda Jackson, managing director of Citroën UK said: “Over the past couple of years we’ve seen some extreme winter conditions on our roads. We are helping our customers get prepared for the difficult driving conditions in the months ahead. It’s a simple and convenient solution that should give customers greater peace of mind on the roads this winter.”

The programme offers a set of four winter tyres (with or without wheels), with storage of summer tyres and a free winter check.

Citroen’s winter tyre scheme follows a similar offer from Peugeot. Other manufacturers such as Vauxhall and Land Rover have also launched dedicated winter tyre schemes this year.