Peugeot launches cold weather tyre programme

In the winter months the right tyres are essential to a car when ensuring the safety of drivers and their cars.

When many drivers get their winter tyres they seem to forget that although they are necessary, they will need their summer tyres after the cold and icy weather settles down.

With the new ‘swap and store’ service being provided by dealers enables customers to equip their cars with four cold weather tyres and have their Summer ones placed in safe and secure storage to avoid any damage or inconvenience.

With winter tyres greater traction and enhanced safety is obtained in climates conditions such as dry cold weather, ice, snow, rain or slush. The tyres also enhance mobility and handling.

The tyres are able to do this because of their specific tread pattern which is made up of a greater amount of natural rubber and therefore prevents low temperature hardening.

A report out from What Car?, one of the UK’s leading consumer advice magazines, highlighted the safety benefits cold weather tyres bring.

Its tests revealed that with summer tyres a car took twice the distance to stop compared to a car with winter tyres. For example, when a car with summer tyres was braking on a sheer icy surface it took 19 metres to stop, as opposed to 12.5 metres with winter tyres.

Chas Hallett, What Car? Editor-in-chief, said: “Cold weather tyres make for much safer driving, so we would encourage all motorists to change their tyres in the colder months. Used in this way, a set of winter tyres will last motorists several years.”

The dealers of the Peugeot winter tyres programme will offer a total of four services; a set of cold weather tyres complete with alloy wheels and storage, a set of tyres with steel wheels and storage or a set of tyres to replace their existing ones and storage.

Finally, dealers are able to supply and fit the winter tyres only, allowing customers to store their summer tyres themselves.

Peugeot dealers will use dedicated computer hard drives where they will store all customer winter tyre information including images to avoid any confusion.

David Higgins, parts and service director for Peugeot, said: “With Winter almost upon us, switching to cold weather tyres makes total sense if you want to increase your safety while on the roads. Our scheme has been designed to offer customers a complete, trouble free service.”