New Citroen DS5 set for UK debut

With the UK public getting its first peek at the 2012 model, the DS5 will be showing off its new ‘aviation-inspired’ design.

Throughout the years Citroen has been more famously known for its volume models such as the C3 and C4 hatchback but with the DS Line (Citroen DS3, Citroen DS4 and now the Citroen DS5) Citroen is attempting to move more up market.

The DS5, the largest of the three, is Citroen’s first model to feature full-hybrid diesel technology with low C02 emissions from just 99g/km.

The DS5 is a four wheel drive and its hybrid engine combines the power of a diesel engine with the economic figures of an electric.

Which means that alongside the DS5’s economic figures it still has an impressive 200bhp.

The new aviation inspired design features pilot-style overhead switches and is expected to have similar trim levels to the Citroen DS4 and similar standard features such as power steering, electronic stability control, alloy wheels, air conditioning, cruise control and a radio/CD player with MP3 connectivity.

The new DS5’s exterior has chrome ‘sabres’ that run from the tips of the headlamps to the front windows and its taut lines make the bonnet and sides of the car look very sporty and aerodynamic.

The new Citroën DS5 will be launched in the UK in the first quarter of 2012.