Ford Focus is Scotland’s best family car

Whilst under the microscope of 17 journalists the Ford Focus excelled in the competition and came in first place in the Family car category over other car models such as the Peugeot 508.

President of ASMW, John Murdoch, presented the award and said: “As a family car, all-new Focus is unsurpassed for its comfort, space and practicality, not to mention keen pricing and generous levels of equipment.

“Mix in brilliant drive, refined engines and running costs that are easy on the wallet and our winner is one of the most complete all-round cars you could hope for.”

The new Focus’s high class specification plays a part in the models success with entry-level standard specification features such as air conditioning, remote central locking, digital radio, electronic seats, stability control, Bluetooth with voice control and a USB connection.

The Focus’s increasingly popular Ecoboost engine is also one of its winning accolades with a max power of 161bhp and C02 emissions less than 100g/km.

In receiving the award, David Calder, product manager for Ford of Britain said: “We are delighted that all-new Ford Focus has been voted Scotland’s best family car and recognised for its sporty styling, refined driving dynamics, low cost of ownership and high-level specification.

“We would like to thank Association members for this award and congratulate them on their 50th year anniversary.”

Around 70,000 new Ford Focus cars have been sold so far this year, making it the UK’s second favourite car after the Ford Fiesta. In Scotland, which comprises around eight per cent of the country’s car sales, 5,500 new Focus have been registered.

Thenew Ford Focusis on sale now and is available from £13,995.