Ford and Vauxhall top best-seller list

Small cars such as hatchbacks and superminis topped the market with the top six on the chart being either small family hatchbacks or superminis.

Statistics show that supermini sales made up 37.8 per cent of the September market which may suggest that small cars are becoming increasing popular in the UK.

The Ford Fiesta supermini took the top spot, with the Focus runner-up. The three Vauxhalls comprised of the Vauxhall Corsa supermini at number three; Vauxhall Astra in fifth place and Vauxhall Insignia in seventh.

The Fiesta registered 15,647 sales in the UK in September; the Vauxhall Corsa had 14,339 registrations.

The reason that people seem to opt for small cars such as the Fiesta and Corsa may be due to their low CO2 emissions – which have fallen by four per cent – competitive prices, low running costs and convenient size.