A guide to Ford cars

Ford has many different cars to offer the average car buyer, with each model appealing to different drivers for many different reasons – including style, function and driving experience.

Famous for its blue and white oval badge, Ford has many popular and top selling cars, most recently the Fiesta and the Focus, which sit first and second respectively in terms of car sales in the UK in 2011.

With lots of different models, Ford cars range from small city cars (Ford Ka) to large people carriers (Ford C-Max).

There seems to be a Ford car for every occasion – as demonstrated by our guide for Ford cars below.

Ford Ka – The city car

The Ford Ka is essentially built for popping from A to B. It is practical due to its small body and manoeuvrability. This makes it a contender for the Fiat 500.

It is available in a 1.2-litre petrol and a 1.3-litre diesel and with emissions as little as 112g/km you won’t have to pay your first year’s road tax.

With a generous total of 747-litres worth of space with the seats folded down the Ka can be quite handy when picking things up or dropping stuff off around the city.

Ford Ka prices start from £8,545

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Ford Fiesta – The supermini

The Fiesta serves perfectly as a run around; and much like the Ka it is the type of car you might nip out to errands or do your shopping with. These qualities aided the Fiesta in coming top of the charts in the September sales.

The Fiesta drives great with reliable grip and handling. It is also good at dealing with pot holed and uneven surfaced roads, which as we all know are common in the UK.

The EcoNetic engine is also available with the Fiesta giving more economic emissions.
With an array of colours to choose from the Fiesta also adds style to the supermini segment.

Its interior is also very luxurious with air conditioning, leather steering wheel, DAB radio with CD/MP3 and a unique sports gear knob.

Ford Fiesta prices start from £9,494

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Ford Focus – The small family car

This great hatchback tends to favour family car buyers because of its superb handling, low running costs and practicality.

As well as being fantastic to drive the Ford Focus is very stylish with its new streamlined exterior, bi-xenon headlights and front fog lights.

With plenty of leg room for your passengers the Focus’s interior also offers a ‘wrap around’ cockpit for the driver and a host of new technology ranging from voice activated controls to the latest sound and multimedia systems.

The Focus, much like the Fiesta, offers an environmentally friendly petrol engine called the EcoBoost engine and a particularly efficient diesel option known as the Econetic engine. On the Focus, the Econetic model delivers free UK road tax in the first year.

Ford Focus prices start from £15,555

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Ford Mondeo – The slightly bigger family/business car

The Ford Mondeo is quite universal when it comes to function. It can be used as a family car yet it may be favoured by a business person.

The Mondeo is extremely spacious and can function as a family car, but can also be considered as having chauffeur like qualities because of its smart interior.

Delivering a smooth drive on all road surfaces the Mondeo is also a powerful car and is available with a 2.2litre diesel engine.

Ford Mondeo prices start from £17,795

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Ford Kuga – The SUV

The Kuga is a powerful five-seater which is better fitted for the ‘off-road’ type of driver.

With four wheel drive it proves to be able to handle hills and muddy terrains. The Kuga can also function very well as a family weekend type of car.

The Kuga can also carry things like bikes which when going away with the family can prove extremely useful.

The Ford Kuga is distinctively stylish with its panoramic glass roof, streamlined body and selection of colours.

Ford Kuga prices start from £21,645

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Ford C-Max – The compact people carrier

Along with its other companions (the Ford Galaxy, Grand C-Max and S-Max) the C-Max is a multifunctional people carrier.

It has distinctive handling which shines amongst other MPVs because of its easy manoeuvrability due to its Ford Focus routes.

Sharing a platform with the popular hatchback means the C- Max is a worthy choice for both roads and country and handles much like a smaller car.

With its sliding doors the C-Max is also a great choice for weekends away with plenty of space for the kids and luggage.

Some interior features that will help you and your passengers in those long drives include a panoramic roof, DAB audio system and air conditioning.

Ford C-Max prices start from £17,195

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Ford S-Max – The sporty people carrier

The Ford S-Max may be a large people carrier, but Ford has worked hard to streamline the car so that it feels refined and comfortable on the road despite its size.

This means the rear two seats are a bit cramped for adults, but in five-seat mode, or with two kids in the back, it remains a spacious people carrier.

In terms of driving, the S-Max handles better than most – you could almost be forgiven for thinking this was a much smaller car.

Designed as the sporty alternative, the advert for the Ford S-Max shows a host of outdoor pursuits ranging from mountain climbing to surfing, leaving you in no doubt which demographic the Ford S-Max is aimed at.

Ford S-Max prices start from £21,000.

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Ford Galaxy – The large people carrier

The Ford Galaxy may be a bit long in the tooth now but despite the Ford Grand C-Max offering plenty of space, there is not much which can offer such a vast seating area and luggage space as the Ford Galaxy.

The Ford Galaxy also represents a step up in luxury over the Ford S-Max with more upmarket equipment and some extra specifications to go along with the extra space.

This means a boxier car overall and a more expensive one – you will pay around £25,000 for the new Ford Galaxy in the UK in its entry-level form.

However, it does come with the rare ability to seat adults in the sixth and seventh seats, which is indeed a rarity in the seven-seat people carrier section when a third row of seats tends to only suit children.

Ford Galaxy prices start from £25,000.

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