Seat introduces new Mii city car

The three-door city car is the Spanish car maker’s version of the Up! and the Skoda Citigo but adds some new styling to differentiate it from the other two brands.

The Seat Mii includes a new bumper design, Seat badges and new alloy wheels to target younger buyers.

However, the general shape of the small car remains unchanged from Volkswagen’s version. The compact dimensions means the new Seat Mii will be the smallest car in Seat’s range, sitting below the Seat Ibiza supermini in the line up.

Seat will introduce the new Seat Mii in its home market in Spain first but UK versions are expected to arrive in Spring 2012.

The design of the Seat Mii is focused on reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy through cutting the overall weight of the car.

This, coupled with fuel-saving technology such as start-stop and regenerative braking, is expected to help the Seat Mii achieve road tax-free levels of CO2 emissions in the UK.

It is also expected to be exempt from the London congestion charge as Seat pitches the car at young, city-based drivers.

Seat plans to launch a special edition model of the Seat Mii and has promised entry-level prices for standard versions will fall below £8,000 – making it one of the least expensive small cars on the market.

Volkswagen has introduced a five-door version of the Up! as a show car this week and it is expected to lead to a similar five-door version of the Seat Mii after its launch, which will take place in 2012.