Ford Focus helps Jimmy Carr, Jay Leno cross-Atlantic gig

Whilst Carr was in Norfolk and Leno was in Hollywood they were both able to run Skype on their iPad 2’s using the new Wi-Fi-enabled SYNC technology and video call each other.

The SYNC technology is one of many in-car features of the new Ford Focus along with air con, remote central locking, digital radio, electronic seats, stability control, Bluetooth with voice control and a USB connection.

Carr said: “It’s great to do something that is cutting edge, to chat about cars, gadgets and have a laugh.”

Ford SYNC Wi-Fi uses an external USB broadband modem which is plugged into the vehicle’s media system. By broadcasting a secure wireless connection throughout the vehicle, Ford SYNC allows up to five passengers with Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices to access the signal.

Leno said: “Bad cars don’t really exist so car makers are increasing looking for ways to make their models stand out.

“The one place we spend more time than anywhere except our house or office is the car. It’s not a surprise people want the same gadgetry on the road.”

Since the introduction of the Ford SYNC system in the Focus, Ford has installed the system on more than three million vehicles.

The system is currently available on Ford vehicles in the US and scheduled to launch in the UK in 2012. The new Ford Focus starts from £14,000 in the UK for entry-level Studio versions, but several other trim levels are also available.