Vauxhall launches expenses-organiser app

The free RoadTrip app works out a route when a destination is entered and the cost of travelling there in terms of fuel, toll roads and other expenses.

It even bases the fuel costs on the Vauxhall car the driver uses and is capable of working out mileage rates.

The RoadTrip app also remembers favourite journeys if the driver regularly visits the same places. These can then be selected from a list.

The end result is a set of statistics based on where the driver has been and what car they are driving which can be emailed to a company for expenses claims.

“When travelling on a daily basis, recurring expenses can cause frustration for employees,” said Steve Catlin, Vauxhall’s Fleet Marketing Manager. “The RoadTrip app combines navigational tools with smart calculation software to offer an easy-to-use app for any employee on the road.”

Many new cars in the UK feature touch screen technology which can be linked to a smart phone such as the iPhone and allow drivers to use them while inside the car.

The introduction of apps such as the RoadTrip app is increasingly popular among car makers. Fiat currently boasts a Blue&Me satellite navigation and in-car entertainment system and Ford has recently launched its SYNC technology in the new Ford Focus.

The new Vauxhall app is the latest to offer money and time-saving technology in its cars via an iPhone app. The RoadTrip is available to download now from the iPhone store.