‘Compound clearance’ discount weekend at Perrys

Often, weekends are the best time to nab a deal at car dealerships. The reasons are obvious – car dealerships know more people are likely to be trawling the forecourts on their Saturday and Sunday off work and as a result these days are targeted with more discounts.

So it is the case with two Perrys dealerships from 16-18 September. Ford, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, Seat and Vauxhall cars will all be available with savings this weekend.

The idea is to make way for more cars on the forecourts in this busy time in the car selling calendar. As a result, space needs to be cleared on the forecourt.

This means Perrys has cut over £350,000 in total off its selection of cars from Friday, with ’61’ plate models now more discounted than ever.

Of course, you can always research the car you want (including recommended prices for comparison) on our online content channel, where you’ll find all the latest news on the car of your choice. We’ve even got a top ten list of best cars to buy with the 61 plate to help people make up their mind.

All cars in the compound clearance will be new. This means the likes of the all-new Ford Focus, the popular Vauxhall Corsa and the stylish Seat Ibiza will all be included in the sale – but of course the best cars are expected to be sold early.

For more information on the discounts this weekend, the Aylesbury dealership can be contacted on the dealership homepage. The dealership is situated on Griffin Lane, Bicester Road, Aylesbury.

The High Wycombe car dealership, which sells the entire Ford range of cars, can be contacted on the dealership homepage. Alternatively, the dealership can be found on 111-121 London Road, High Wycombe.