Inside downsizing at Perrys dealerships

It is no secret the cost of driving is spiraling and everything from insurance costs to fuel prices is eating into the budgets of motorists.

What this leads to is downsizing – and the evidence shows this is already a major trend in the UK as people move towards smaller, more fuel efficient cars.

According to the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the number of people downsizing has increased by a huge amount in August 2011. The number of superminis such as the Ford Fiesta has rocketed by 17 per cent in the past month, while smaller cars such as the Renault Twingo and Fiat 500 have seen sales rise by nearly a third in the same period.

With this in mind, we contacted one of our top dealerships to find out exactly what a car buyer can do to cut those motoring costs.

Perrys Peugeot dealership on Bridgeman Street, Bolton, said it has been heavily involved recently in helping customers find the best deal to suit their circumstances.

Gill Ashton, General Manager at Perrys said: “We pride ourselves on our outstanding ability to listen to our every customer’s requirements. These days the main priority is to save money where possible, without jeopardising quality or service.

“We have helped a number of customers reduce their monthly spend on their vehicle by up to 50% thanks to lower finance payments and providing more fuel efficient cars.”

One customer, described as a ‘happy’ one by the dealership, Mrs Goosetree, swapped her Citroen for a more efficient and pocket friendly Peugeot 207 from Perrys and saw her monthly finance payments drop from £199 per month to just £139 per month saving £60.

With the Peugeot, the dealership told us her tax payment fell from £190 to just £30 per month saving a massive £160 a year and halving her fuel bill in the process.

Even better the insurance cost fell to zero because she bought the vehicle on the ‘Just Add Fuel’ scheme which offers customers comprehensive insurance, servicing, roadside assistance and warranty.

Mrs Goosetree commented on the savings: “I am absolutely delighted to be making such dramatic savings. The sales team at Perrys were extremely helpful and helped me to find the right car to suit my requirements. The bonus was saving so much money each month!”

This is just one example, but it seems downsizing is prevalent throughout the UK at the moment.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve put together a guide to Peugeot Just Add Fuel here. Alternatively, you can speak to somebody at the dealership by visiting this page.