Renault Fluence stars at EcoVelocity show

Mayor of London Boris Johnson chose the Fluence as his vehicle of choice for a test drive on his visit to the show ahead of other electric, hybrid and alternatively-fuelled cars.

He said: ‘I was delighted to try out one of Renault’s electric vehicles and glide it silently around the EcoVelocity test track. Trying out cutting edge vehicle technology is what Europe’s largest green car show is all about.”

The Renault Fluence is a fully electric saloon set to arrive in the UK in 2012. Featuring five seats and more space inside than the average electric car, it has been touted as the most practical electric car on the market.

It will also be one of the least expensive electric cars on the market with prices starting from just £17,800 after £5,000 has been deducted as part of the government’s plug-in car grant.

This price does not include battery leasing costs from £70 a month, a scheme designed to remove costly replacement costs at the end of the battery’s life span for the consumer.

Designed to look like a petrol or diesel car, the Renault Fluence is the first car from the French manufacturer to boast an electric powertrain and follows the Renault Kangoo van Z.E. into the UK market.

However, Renault has plans to launch two more electric vehicles before 2013. The first, a small, two-seat ‘mobility solution’ called the Twizy is intended for short journeys in busy city areas while the second, the Renault Zoe, is a small, Clio-size hatchback.

Renault UK’s Managing Director, Thierry Sybord “We’ve already had a huge amount of interest from customers in our range of electric vehicles and look forward to even more after this positive endorsement, including the next few days at EcoVelocity itself.”