Best school run cars revealed

According to Tesco Cars, luxury cars and 4x4s were named the cars most likely to be the focus of envy from other parents at the school gate.

In a survey, over half of parents chose a premium or luxury car as the one they would most like to drive to school.

Despite labelling the survey ‘a bit of fun’, Rebecca Ryan, Marketing Manager of Tesco Cars said; ‘For many parents, driving the school-run can feel a little like ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. It’s understandable that drivers might get envious of those who can afford the luxury rides.

In the top ten most popular cars, the BMW X5 was the most popular but the Range Rover, the ultimate luxury 4×4, received a vote from more than one in ten parents.

However, the same amount of parents went for a more practical option in the shape of the new Ford S-Max, a practical five-seat people carrier with plenty of room for bags and sports equipment.

Others opted for a small but stylish Fiat 500 as the car which draws the most admiring glances from fellow parents in the survey of 600 people on the school run.

SUVs and luxury cars dominate the list and this will soon be helped by the launch of the Range Rover Evoque in the UK today.

The Evoque is the smallest and greenest car in the Range Rover line up and is specifically aimed at young urban buyers.

With prices starting from £28,000, the Range Rover Evoque drastically undercuts the larger BMW X5 but offers stylish design and a luxurious interior for the school commute.