Land Rover named best 4×4 maker in the UK

Over 40,000 people were asked to take part in the MSN Cars poll, with four times as many people saying Land Rover makes the best 4x4s as any other car manufacturer.

In total, Land Rover took 54 per cent of the vote while second-place Toyota could only manage nine per cent.

Luxury car makers such as Audi and BMW finished third and fourth respectively, with scores of eight and six per cent.

However, it was Land Rover which ran away with the poll, highlighting the success of its off-road range in the UK, where the cars are still built.

“As one of Britain’s most cherished car companies, it’s no surprise to see Land Rover top our poll as the maker of the best 4×4 vehicles,” said Tom Evans, editor of MSN Cars.

Since the launch of the Land Rover Defender 64 years ago, Land Rover has become synonymous with off-road ability and has supplied cars to emergency services, the military and even the royal family.

The likes of the Land Rover Freelander 2, the brand’s best-selling UK model, and the Land Rover Discovery 4 feature Land Rover’s All Terrain technology, which adapts the 4x4s to cope with varying types of off- and on-road conditions.

Land Rover also sells the more luxurious Range Rover and smaller Range Rover Sport, but Evans believes the latest model in the range will improve the profile of Land Rover even further.

“Its profile is about to get much higher with the arrival on our roads of a handsome, compact and affordable model in the shape of the Range Rover Evoque, which looks set to be a great success,” he explained.

Starting from under £28,000, the Range Rover Evoque will be the smallest and most affordable Range Rover ever made. It will also be the greenest and the first to be offered with all wheel drive.

The new Range Rover Evoque goes on sale in the UK in September.