Peugeot’s people carrier of the future revealed

While most people carriers opt for a high, boxy shape to give maximum headroom and luggage space, the Peugeot HX1 instead uses a coupe-like roofline and stretched body to seat six.

The concept car is purely a design study and is unlikely to ever be made, but its focus on aerodynamic design and greener engine options are expected to highlight the future of large Peugeot cars.

At the front, the design resembles Peugeot’s new ‘face’ including a ‘floating’ split grille and LED running lights.

The low-slung and sculpted body has been designed to offer better aerodynamic ratings than any MPV on the market today, while inside Peugeot has opted for a more premium feel.

This includes reclining rear seats, leather upholstery and even a minibar and coffee machine built into the centre console.

Marble highlights, a head up display and six individual seats are included in the interior of the Peugeot HX1, which will make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

While the concept car is extremely unlikely to ever be seen on UK roads, the HYbrid4 powertrain will be seen in the new Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 and the Peugeot 508 RXH


The HYbrid4 system is significant because it is the first ever diesel-hybrid powertrain to go on sale in the UK.

Most hybrid cars use a petrol engine working in conjunction with an electric motor powered by a battery pack because of the cost of developing a diesel version.

However, Peugeot has managed to bring costs down and will offer the powertrain in its Peugeot 3008 crossover from later 2011, lowering CO2 emissions to below 109g/km – enough to qualify for zero first year road tax.

The clever hybrid system consists of a 2.0-litre diesel powering the front wheels and the electric motor powering the rear wheels, making the 3008 crossover four-wheel drive.

The technology is also expected to appear in Citroen cars, starting with the DS5 premium hatchback, due to the French car maker being owned by the same group.