Alfa Romeo 4C sports car nears UK launch

Alfa Romeo has decked out the two-seat, rear-wheel drive sports car in a ‘fluid metal’ body colour for the Frankfurt Motor Show as it looks to catch the eye of the public once again with its concept car.

Production of the lightweight Alfa – it weighs in at just 850kg – has yet to be confirmed by the Italian manufacturer, but it is expected to be the first performance-oriented sports car from the manufacturer since the 8C Competizione supercar.

It takes after the 8C as well, with a 200bhp engine matched to a rear-wheel drive setup to improve performance.

As a result, 0-62mpg times are expected to be around 4.5 seconds and the car will be capable of a top speed of 150mph.

Carbon fibre and aluminium parts help to reduce weight and the gearbox, the Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transmission, is based around the technology used in the 8C.

The compact sports car measures just four metres in length and comes with a wheelbase of 2.4-metres. So far the car remains a concept however, and the ‘fluid metal’ paint job is the only change from the concept car first revealed earlier in the year.

However, a production model could arrive as early as mid-2012 and a roadster version could follow.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is expected to cost upwards of £40,000 when it does arrive, but it adds much-needed performance to Alfa’s successful range of small cars such as the Alfa Romeo MiTo supermini and Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback.

Both of the Alfa cars will also be on show at the Frankfurt Motor Show at the Alfa Romeo stand