Ford kicks off centenary tour with art car

Six street artists from Scotland’s Independent Recoat Gallery were given the opportunity to paint a plain white Focus in an outdoor studio in front of Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall.

The artists, including FiST, Syrkus and Al White, spent six months painting the model which will take part in Ford’s Centenary Tour – celebrating the manufacturer’s 100th year anniversary in the UK.

The tour will take in 20 sites from all over the UK including dealerships and production plants up until the 18 September where it will finish at the Goodwood Revival in Sussex.

Recoat Gallery manager, Amy Whiten, said: “The artists we have at Recoat have been doing great work in Scotland and we are delighted to get the chance to show what we can do. We’ve worked on a few different vehicle projects but this is the first time the artists have collaborated on completely restyling the paint job of a car.”

The Ford Focus is an apt model for the tour, despite being around for just over a tenth of Ford’s life in the UK.

That’s because the model is one of the most successful in Ford’s history in the UK and the model has already sold more than 50,000 units in the UK in 2011 – some of which were sold out of Perrys own Ford dealerships in Aylesbury and High Wycombe.