UK drivers facing £1,000 fines for expired licenses

Up to 1.7 million in the UK are risking a £1,000 fine for not having an up-to-date driving license, a new survey has revealed.

Photocard driving licences must be renewed every ten years in the UK, but many people have neglected this – meaning they face the prospect of a hefty fine.

Darren Ardron, Regional Director at Perrys commented on the findings: "Perrys understands that times are tough, especially for motorists with the rise in fuel and insurance costs. However, photocard licences must be renewed every 10 years and at just £20 why risk a £1000 fine by driving with an expired licence!"

With this in mind Perrys is urging drivers to check that their licence is in date and has put together some helpful information to ensure that motorists don’t get caught out!

– There are three ways to renew a driving licence- online, by post or in person at the Post Office. Just log on to to find out more.

– It takes just two weeks for renewals to be processed, so make sure you give plenty of time to ensure your new licence arrives before the old one expires.

– Renewing a driving licence costs just £20, but if you are simply changing your address this can be done for free!

– Once a motorist reaches 70 years of age there is no renewal fee.

– Licences expire every ten years, though you should be sent a reminder to renew two months before expiry, so look out for it!

– There are a few dates printed on your photocard licence, the one you need to check for the renewal date is printed on 4b on the front of the card.

While the government website is a useful tool, if you want a more personalised explanation, feel free to pop into your nearest Perrys dealership for more information.

A list of Perrys dealerships in the UK can be found here.