Ford Fiesta Centura special edition launched

Built to celebrate 100 years of Ford in Britain, the Centura comes exclusively in black, a nod to the brand’s founder, Henry Ford famously declaring the Ford Model T was available in any colour ‘as long as it is black’.

In the case of the Fiesta Centura, the body colour is actually a metallic black and comes with silver seven-spoke alloy wheels and chrome door mirrors.

The car also boasts automatic headlamps and windscreen wipers and LED daytime running lights at the front.

Under the bonnet, a 1.25-litre 82PS petrol engine is the only available with special edition, but this comes with the benefit of zero first year Vehicle Excise Duty because of its low level of CO2 emissions.

Inside, the car is based on the most popular Ford Fiesta in the UK, the Zetec model. This means a sounds system with MP3 player, power steering a full range of safety kit such as airbags are standard on the Centura.

However, it also adds reverse parking sensors and a rear view camera built into the rear view mirror as standard.

In total, the extra equipment in the Centura adds up to £600. Prices for the special edition model car £13,395 for the three-door and £13,995 for the five-door version of the UK’s best-selling car.

Anthony Ireson, marketing director, Ford of Britain, said: “Fiesta has been a UK favourite its entire lifetime and it was a natural choice to use this great icon to help mark our centenary.

With a unique specification and affordable price, the Centura will appeal to thousands of customers, and we anticipate strong demand – who knows it might even become a collector’s car one day!”

The new Ford Fiesta Centura is available to buy now from Ford dealerships in the UK.