Range Rover Evoque is Car of the Year 2011

The Evoque, titled the ‘baby Range Rover’ because of its small size compared to the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport, will only go on sale in the UK next month.

Land Rover UK Managing Director Colin Green, was understandably pleased with the award, saying: "To receive an accolade such as this so soon, and from such a respected journal as Auto Express, is a huge boost for the talented and dedicated professionals who have worked so hard and so long to bring the Evoque to market."

The Range Rover Evoque was chosen because it brings the luxury of the Range Rover brand under the £30,000 mark and its smaller dimensions open it up to a new, more city-based driver.

Auto Express Acting Editor Graham Hope , said: "The winner of the Auto Express Car of the Year prize really needs to break the mould – and the Range Rover Evoque does exactly that. You have only to look at its concept car styling to see why the British firm already has a bulging order book for the new baby of its range. Its appeal goes far beyond its distinctive styling."

The styling of the Range Rover Evoque goes beyond the eye-catching exterior. Inside, three new ‘design themes’ (another name for trim levels) have been included, helped along by guest designer Victoria Beckham.

Each boasts a huge range of equipment and upmarket materials such as leather seats – as expected from a Range Rover model of any size.

The Evoque also stands out because it is one of just two (the other is a Freelander 2) Land Rover models to offer two-wheel drive.

It is also the greenest, with CO2 emissions below 130g/km for the best-performing diesel engines along with fuel economy in the region of 50mph.

The new Range Rover Evoque comes in three- and five-door body styles and costs between £27,955 and £44,320 depending on the model chosen.