Perrys helps out in Jailbreak challenge

It sounds like an idea for a wacky Top Gear challenge, but Perrys is helping to support a race across the UK in aid of raising money for charity.

The challenge is simple; 20 men and women from RAF Hilton will travel from Aylesbury to Wick in Scotland – that’s 630 miles – in just three days whilst relying on the kindness of strangers to help them on their way.

The task, aimed at raising money for the Florence Nightingale Hospice, will begin with a ‘Jailbreak’ from Aylesbury Young Offender Institution and two teams will take part in the challenge dressed in prison gear.

Along the way they’ll be carrying buckets to raise as much cash as possible for the cause, and while they hope to get help from kindly bus and coach drivers on the way, Perrys has already stepped in to help the fundraising effort.

It will deliver a Vauxhall Zafira to the participants along with a full tank of petrol in order to help the teams on their way.

Sadly, the vast seven-seat capacity of the Vauxhall Zafira will still not be enough for the 20 volunteers, but it should help them on their way in the challenge.

The volunteers have already hinted at the possibility of asking pilots to help jet them to their destination for one leg of the journey, but the task should be made easier with the Zafira in tow.

Nigel Kingscott, General Manager at Perrys commented on the fundraising: "We are delighted to be loaning one of the teams a vehicle from Perrys. As the challenge is in aid of such an important cause we hope that both teams raise as much money as possible."

For more information on how to donate please visit Perrys on Bicester Road, Aylesbury or call 01296 426 162. Alternatively log on to or or donate at