Today is worst day for European breakdowns

This is according to breakdown service Green Flag, which found the busiest days for European breakdowns in the past three years have all come on a Monday at the start of August.

Common problems include the vehicle not starting, problems with the engine and unsurprisingly, overheating.

Gary Amos, head of Green Flag’s rescue network, believes holiday-makers should ensure cover is in place to avoid costly roadside assistance costs.

He said: "A driver could pay in excess of £5,000 to recover a family of four with a car and caravan from Spain. The further afield drivers are, the more crucial it is that they have cover in place.”

However, it is also important to ensure all cars are checked thoroughly before travelling long distances in order to prepare them for summer conditions.

This includes checking fluids such as water and oil as well as other important aspects such as air conditioning to help passengers in warm conditions.

UK drivers are also being advised to check European road laws to avoid being caught out. For example, it is compulsory in some countries to carry a high-visibility jacket and other safety equipment at all times in certain countries such as France.

According to AXA, over seven million Brits are expected to travel abroad with their cars during the summer, with only one in four having knowledge of local driving laws.

Amanda Edwards at AXA says: “While the UK has one of best records for road safety in the world, it seems that when we go on holiday many of us forget to pack our road sense.

“It really is important if you are driving abroad to understand the local driving laws and stick to them, as well as making sure you drive safely at all times.

“Failure to do so could mean some potentially tragic and expensive holiday souvenirs."