Vauxhall offers cheap repair parts

The ‘Total Loss Avoidance Programme’ will reduce costs for insurers, owners and manufacturers by allowing cars to be fixed instead of being unnecessarily written off, says Vauxhall.

The scheme will offer discounts on over 40,000 car parts to ensure people who drive a Vauxhall can have their car repaired in the event of an accident.

Tony Neff, Vauxhall Accident Repair Channel Manager, said: "The cost of crash repair parts is often too expensive for the insurer to justify getting the vehicle fixed; therefore many vehicles that could be easily repaired are instead being written off, due solely to the cost of parts."

Vauxhall has created a catalogue of 42,000 official crash parts in a ‘crash parts basket’ and the manufacturer says some will be discounted by as much as 50 per cent in the event of a crash.

Neff added: "This results in the consumer having to replace their car, the insurance companies with a hefty payout and a significant loss of business to Vauxhall Approved Bodyshops, who would otherwise have been able to carry out repairs.

"To avoid this, TLAP offers substantial discounts on bundles of crash parts, which will mean that we will be able to carry out repairs to many cars classed by insurers as category C or D. The amount of discount is dependent on the part, but can be as much as 50 per cent."