Fiat named cheapest cars for repairs

On average, a Fiat costs just £241.63 to repair – more than £400 less than the worst performing car maker, Porsche.

Fiat topped the table ahead of Renault, whose average car repair cost was £242.22. Ford finished in third place with an average repair cost of £253.92.

The study by Warranty Direct and What Car? looked at 50,000 cars in the UK today aged between three and eight years to find the most reliable and cheapest to repair.

The most reliable brand was Honda and fellow Asian manufacturers Mazda and Kia also appeared in the top ten most reliable brands with a 16 and 22 per cent chance of a fault respectively – a vast difference to the likes of Jeep, which had a 42 per cent chance of a fault occurring in the first 12 months of ownership.

Surprisingly, the likes of Audi and Mercedes also appeared in the top ten least reliable car manufacturers, going against the traditional view of German manufacturers being reliable.

What Car? editor, Chas Hallett, said: "This year’s study is a stark reminder of the disparity in reliability between far Eastern brands, which dominate the top 10, and European brands, which contribute the bulk of the bottom 10."

The survey also found European cars were more likely to fail because of faulty electrics, while Japanese and South Korean cars suffer from axle and suspension issues more often.