The statistics behind car ownership

The average motorist will own 26 cars in their lifetime, drive nearly 300,000 miles and will suffer minor accidents 35 times, according to a new study.

According to the stats are designed to show the driving life of the average motorist, and some interesting things show up.

For example, you’re likely to have 1,210 kisses in a car during your lifetime but perhaps more depressingly, the average motorist has three times as many arguments in the car.

It’s all a bit of fun, but the average of 26 cars in a lifetime is a surprise. With 292,000 miles driven on average, 2,645 visits to the fuel pumps, 13 breakdowns and 15 flat tyres all quoted in the figures, choosing the right car suddenly looks to be incredibly important to the average car buyer.

For example, visits to the fuel pump may not seem like a consideration when choosing between a car with 30mpg and a similar model with 35mpg, but going on the average figures, this can mean nearly 1,000 miles of fuel difference over a lifetime.

Similarly, the average driver will put their car in for basic maintenance 234 times in their lifetime, suffer 13 break downs and 15 flat tyres.

For some cars, this will be relatively cheap, but if you’re paying £200 for a repair, this can very quickly become expensive.

The figures may be a bit of fun, but they do highlight two of the key considerations when buying a new car. Frugality and reliability will not only directly affect how much you will spend on your car while you own it, but also indicate how much hassle it will be to own, whether that is heading to the pumps or to the garage for repairs.

Initial price, styling, equipment and insurance may all be important when buying a new car, but it is important not to forget the things you do not see.

A frugal, reliable car is a smart choice no matter how many times you decide to upgrade, which is why you should always do as much research as possible before buying a new or used car.

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