A free Citroen DS4? Yes, please

Cast your mind back to last year and the launch of the Citroen DS3. It was probably one of the most successful launches of the year, simply because the upmarket little supermini was such an attractive, fun to drive and stylish car.

Citroen celebrated the launch with the DS3 Street Seeker competition, and interactive competition using Google Maps and a series of clues to find ‘pieces’ of the car.

Eventually a winner was found and a brand new Citroen DS3 was delivered to him as a prize – and as prizes go it isn’t a bad one.

Now it is the turn of the Citroen DS4, the hatchback done up to look like a premium SUV with a raised ride height, commanding driving position and beautifully designed interior.

For Citroen, it is a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ because it has now launched a DS4Seekers competition running across two ten-day periods.

Through Facebook and Google Maps, people will now compete to win the superb Citroen DS4 online and this year’s event should be better than ever.

65,000 people entered the DS3 competition, but with social media growing at an alarming rate, even more are expected to enter the DS4 competition, as Jules Tilstone, Citroen UK’s Marketing Director, explains:

"By integrating popular and powerful technologies such as Facebook and Google, and making the application easily accessible on multiple platforms including mobile phones, DS4SEEKERS is expected to appeal to a wide audience. In a constantly evolving digital landscape, we believe DS4SEEKERS has the potential to become one of the stand-out campaigns of the year. It’s a uniquely fun display of Citroën’sCréative Technologie."

It’s exactly that philosophy that got us excited enough to take a closer look at the Citroen DS4 earlier this month.

The car actually went on sale at the start of July 2011, but if you want to get your hands on one for nothing, then simply check out Citroen’s Facebook page.

The competition starts on the 19th July and will end with one lucky winner driving away in a Citroen DS4.

Do prizes get any better?