Ford insurance to fall under new scheme

The Ford Accident Management scheme is the first of its kind to work with drivers to immediately find them an official Ford repair centre via a special hotline.

It will also organise vehicle recovery and a courtesy car if it is needed during a single phonecall, says Ford.

The free service, which is available to all Ford drivers regardless of insurance company, is designed to make communication between insurers and official Ford repair centres more efficient and easier to follow.

This, says Ford, should ensure the total cost of insurance claims are lowered and in turn, mean lower insurance premiums are offered to Ford drivers.

Paul McDermott, Ford collision repair manager, said: “Ford’s Accident Management Programme is great news for customers. It takes over many complex parts of the repair process such as contacting the insurance company, organising vehicle recovery and providing a courtesy car, with a single phone call.”

The introduction of the Accident Management programme comes amid calls from the House of Commons to reduce the cost of insurance for UK drivers.

A recent report by found insurance for small cars in the UK has almost doubled in the past year as insurance prices rise because of a rise in insurance fraud and the number of uninsured drivers causing accidents on UK roads.

However, Ford cars are some of the cheapest to insure in the UK because of their small but efficient engines.

For example, the Ford Ka city car is popular with younger and newly qualified drivers because of its low insurance costs, which can often be under £1,500 per year for smaller-engine models.

The current generation Ford Ka and the previous generation make up two of the top three favourite cars for newly qualified drivers in the UK because of low insurance costs and low prices (from £8,454 new), according to the research.