Scotland prepares for Citroen C-Zero

The council will use three Citroen C-Zero electric cars for its social work and plans to build a series of public charging points across the area.

Aimed at reducing fuel prices, the council will use the cars across an area covering 1,830 square miles from the English border to South of Edinburgh.

Councillor Jim Fullarton, Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure, explained: “With the current fuel prices it’s a great help for our Social Work Department to be able to recharge the C-Zero at minimal cost. While the C-Zeros will initially be limited to use in towns, with more recharging points we will widen the area they can operate.”

The all-electric Citroen C-Zero was launched in January 2011 and uses a 49kW electric motor powered by a 16kW/h lithium-ion battery pack.

The electric powertrain is capable of powering the four-seat car for up to 93 miles at speeds of up to 60mph. Citroen says the car can be charged to 80 per cent capacity within 30 minutes if a quick charger is used.

Alternatively, the car can be charged using a standard household socket with an estimated charging time of seven hours.

The Citroen C-Zero is priced from £28,000 including the government’s plug-in car grant, which offers £5,000 off the price of several electric cars in the UK to encourage take up.

Scotland will become the latest part of the UK to encourage electric car use. Other areas include the North East of England and London, where electric cars are exempt from the London congestion charge.

In Milton Keynes, another area developing a recharging network, Perrys Motors has been chosen as one of few specialist electric car dealers, including special training for its staff to sell and service electric vehicles.

The dealership on Bilton Road, Bletchley, also boasts a charging station and test car for potential customers to experience the electric Citroen C-Zero before buying.