Britain’s best sports car revealed

The Jaguar E-type sports car took the title, 50 years after it stunned the world with its introduction, in a poll set up by organisers of the Silverstone Classic motorsport festival.

The iconic two-seat sports car was once described as the most beautiful car in the world by Enzo Ferrari and has been hitting the headlines in recent weeks as it celebrates its half century.

This includes a slot on BBC’s Top Gear and a 28-metre statue at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year as the Big Cat celebrates arguably its greatest car.

The Jaguar E-type is one of a long line of sporty, attractive cars from the UK-based car maker. Its success in the 1960s has been continued by Jaguar’s current range of cars, which includes the sporty Jaguar XK coupe and convertible, the luxurious Jaguar XJ and the executive Jaguar XF saloon.

In fact, a predecessor of the Jaguar XK also made the list in the shape of the Jaguar XK 120, which finished eighth overall in the top ten favourite British sports cars list.

However, the Jaguar E-type blew the competition away with nearly a quarter of all votes, ahead of the Morgan, TVR Griffen, AC Cobra and Aston Martin DB5.

In keeping with the results of the poll, over 1,000 Jaguar E-types are expected to descend on Goodwood for the Classic Event at Silverston at the end of the month in celebration of its success.

Jaguar has not revealed any plans to reintroduce the Jaguar E-type into its current range, but a smaller, sportier Jaguar XK coupe is expected to offer a two-seat model at the bottom of the range within the next two years.