Chevrolet cuts prices of Orlando and Captiva

The reduction in prices also applies to the new, updated 2011 Chevrolet Captiva SUV as part of Chevrolet’s lower price drive.

The Chevrolet Orlando MPV is now priced as low as £14,995 in 1.8-litre LS specification, cutting £1,500 off the original price. This is despite Chevrolet retaining its five year warranty on all of its new cars across it range.

The LS model which is the subject of the price cuts offers six airbags, air conditioning and a stereo system. The model also comes with Electronic Stability Control to prevent the car rolling in corners and comes with Chevrolet’s new design features.

These include the chunky, aggressive exterior design and more upmarket and comfortable interior than has previously been used on older models.

At the front, the Orlando uses SUV styling touches with an extended bonnet compared to other, more box-like MPVs, and the now traditional Chevrolet grille.

Starting from £14,995, the Chevrolet Orlando is available to buy from Chevrolet dealers in the UK.

The Chevrolet Captiva, the US brand’s large 4×4 SUV, is also the subject of price cuts this summer. Chevrolet has reduced the starting price of the seven-seat 4×4 by £2,000 to being the price of a 2.2-litre LT version down to £25,695.

The diesel model comes with Electronic Stability Control, climate control, 17" alloy wheels, front fog lamps and an electro-chromatic rear view mirror, designed to darken at night to reduce glare, as standard.

Chevrolet has also reduced the price of the car at the other end of the range, the compact five-door Chevrolet Spark city car.

The Chevrolet Spark now starts from £6,995, £1,700 less than previously, and along with the Chevrolet Orlando and Chevrolet Captiva, comes with Chevrolet’s five-year warranty.