Seat prepares for Goodwood debut

Seat plans to showcase the Seat IBE, first unveiled in Paris in September last year, at the Festival as its main exhibit, but the IBE is not a normal electric car.

It is in fact a sports car, built to deliver powerful performance from its electric motor and using lightweight materials to improve the power-to-weight ratio.

The Seat IBE is a concept car designed as a sportier version of a coupe with sharp, angular lines and a lack of a front grille attesting to the electric powertrain underneath.

Power comes from a 102PS electric motor capable of reaching 62mph from standing in under ten seconds and delivering a top speed of 100mph. To emphasise the performance characteristics of the car, the interior is kitted out with sports bucket seats and an innovative dashboard incorporating an iPhone or smartphone.

Steve Robertson, SEAT UK’s Head of Marketing, said: "There’s a real buzz of excitement around our debut at this world-famous event.

"The Goodwood Festival of Speed is renowned as a global destination for true motoring enthusiasts, and I’m thrilled to see SEAT making such a dramatic entrance there this year."

Unfortunately, the Seat IBE remains a concept car, but the design language and electric powertrain will foreshadow the next generation of Seat models in future.

However, Seat fans will get the chance to see a popular Seat car from the past in the form of the 1980’s Seat Bimotor rally car, which houses two 1.4-litre petrol engines mounted at the front and rear of the car in a unique arrangement.

The Bimotor rally car will take on the Goodwood hill climb at the Festival of Speed, completing the brand’s look at powertrains past and future at the fesitival.