Focus on the Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is an intriguing prospect. Sitting below the ultimate 4×4 limousine quality of the standard Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport is, well, sportier.

Put simply, this means it has more on-road performance, sportier styling features such as Led headlamps, a two-bar grille and larger air intake.

All this means one thing; the Range Rover Sport is a popular choice for footballers and businessmen alike – but we feel the reputation can often cloud judgement on what is a superb on- and off-road luxury 4×4.

So, to put things right, we got behind the wheel of the latest Range Rover Sport, updated in 2010, all in aid of seeing if sports saloon-like performance can go hand-in-hand with ultimate luxury.

To cut a long story short, yes it can. The Range Rover Sport is kitted out with a huge array of gadgets and sumptuous materials throughout. What really impresses however, is the fact the Range Rover Sport retains the off-road ability so important to the Land Rover range.

This essentially means it is a car for all occasions, and with the release of the greener, smaller Range Rover Evoque looming, the Range Rover Sport fulfils an important role in the range.

But why choose a Range Rover Sport over the larger Range Rover or smaller Range Rover Evoque?

Why buy a Range Rover Sport?

The Range Rover Sport is an impressive machine, and still bears the wow factor associated with the luxury of the Range Rover line up.

This means a collection of premium leather interiors with high quality stitching and detailing.

White LED lights for the door handles and the typical raised ride position makes it clear you’re sat in a Range Rover as soon as you’re in the driving seat.

This is complemented by a huge range of equipment as standard equipment. For entry-level models you get Xenon headlamps, 19" alloy wheels, rear parking aids, automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and an audio system with a hard drive and MP3 compatibility.

Then there is the range of driving aids such as Land Rover’s unmatched Terrain Response System, hill start assist, gradient acceleration control and the option of a dynamic pack featuring adaptive dynamics.

Higher specifications offer even more luxury inside, bringing home the fact that this is indeed a Range Rover, but with a sporty twist.

This is evident in the engines; a 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel and a 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol. Both engines are extremely competent, with the diesel offering fuel economy as high as 30mpg and the petrol providing plenty of performance.

The sporty design will turn heads, while any passengers will be impressed with the plush interior. The Range Rover Sport seemingly has it all, and for a price less than the Range Rover, it remains a superb option in the luxury 4×4 segment.

What does a Range Rover Sport cost?

Entry-level Range Rover Sport SE models start from £48,035, while HSE options are priced from £55,185 and add new leather options for the seats, front parking aid, a rear view camera with touch-screen capability and interior lighting.

A supercharged HSE version adds extra performance from £66,445 and a luxurious Autobiography Sport model starts from £64,985.

The Autobiography Sport comes with a range of new interior and exterior styling choices as part of three exclusive themes; Le Mans, Monaco and Monza.

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