Are we getting a ‘Grand’ Evoque?

Today’s blog is all about the Range Rover Evoque, from two-wheelers to a potential Grande Evoque.

First, those two-wheelers. This is not a radical new design for the Evoque, which is already the first ever car to bear the Range Rover name and offer a two-wheel drive option.

Instead, it is a sideline of Land Rover that has been running steadily for years; mountain bikes.

To celebrate the launch of the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover has designed three extremely limited edition Evoque bicycles and it intends to give one away in a photography competition.

Entrants are being asked to send images which they feel best represent the three design themes – or trim levels – offered with the new Range Rover Evoque.

These are called Pure, Dynamic and Prestige, and bring together equipment, upholstery and other materials in three packages that can then by customised by the owner of the Evoque.

The prize, says Land Rover, is well worth winning:

The bicycle showcases the clean, cool and utterly contemporary design inspiration of the Range Rover Evoque. It is a machine designed in every aspect to deliver fast, agile and secure road-racing performance.

You can be in with a chance of winning the unique prize by visiting

In other Range Rover Evoque news, rumours have emerged today that the brand could design a ‘Grand Evoque’ offering more space inside while retaining the Evoque’s design.

The thinking behind the possible larger version is to take the coupe-like roofline and stylish looks of the Evoque and design an upmarket large SUV to expand the appeal of the Evoque.

This could even be offered in two-wheel drive in the same way as the Evoque but would be stretched to create more legroom. This would mean a higher pricetag for the potential model, but Auto Car expects it to still sit below the Range Rover Sport in the line up.

While these remain rumours, the possibility of more models in the Range Rover line up is growing after pre-orders of the Evoque racked up in the UK.

The popularity of the car for its design and affordable price tag (around £30,000 for entry-level models) compared to other luxury SUVs was always likely to get Land Rover thinking about future possibilities.

So we’ve decided to throw one into the hat as well – a mini Range Rover Evoque seems like it could be a real sales winner, with even lower CO2 emissions, higher fuel economy and a chance to take on the growing number of small MPVs such as the Audi A3 in the UK.

For now, we’ll just look forward to the launch of three- and five-door versions of the Range Rover Evoque, which remains (for now) the newest entry into the Range Rover brand when it arrives in the UK in the next few months.