Alfa Romeo 4C set for UK debut

The news will delight UK car fans after the two-seat 4C wowed the crowds at the Geneva Motor Show in March on its worldwide debut.

Designed as a modern take on the beautiful Alfa sports cars of the past, the 4C is a rear-wheel drive, mid-engined coupe designed with lightweight materials to deliver performance to match the style.

Making use of a 200bhp 1.7-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, the Alfa Romeo 4C concept car is capable of hitting 155mph, 62mph of which can be achieved in under five seconds.

Alfa’s new automatic TCT twin clutch transmission has been chosen as the gearbox of choice for the concept car after appearing on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback last year.

Measuring in at just four metres, the compact sports car uses carbon and aluminium for its body to bring the weight down to an astonishing 850kg.

Unfortunately for UK buyers, the Alfa Romeo 4C is only a concept car at the moment and will not be for sale in the UK. A production version is planned in future, however.

The 4C will appear alongside more established Alfa Romeo road cars such as the Giulietta hatchback and the Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon.

They will be showcased at the famous automotive festival alongside some classic cars from Alfa’s past, including the Alfa 6C 3000CM driven by Fangio to the 1951 Formula One title.

The Festival will also play host to another lightweight racer from the Alfa garage, the Alfa 8C supercar and star of last year’s Festival as the Italian manufacturer celebrated its 100th year.